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Bible Study

The book study of UnClobbered will begin on Wednesday January 25. 

Books are available in the office.  See Paula or Sylvia  

Study and reflection are an important part of our faith journey. We are a learning community that seeks to study scripture, theology, our lives, our history, and surrounding culture in order to more faithfully live the ways of Jesus.

Reading and studying about the lives of Christians and church communities helps us to examine our own lives and to live more faithfully.  We understand sermons to be an ongoing conversation that is initiated by our pastor or another member and continued by our whole church as the Spirit guides us with questions and encouragement and new convictions. We share meals and study the scriptures together each Wednesday in order to know God’s Story and live within that Story.  We study our lives through ongoing discussions – how to care for aging parents, enneagram, and what is grief? and how do we support each other?

Our annual retreat allows space and time to dive deep into learning and reflection together and opens our eyes to new possibilities as a church.  Our desire is that learning and study would lead to new faithful actions, we then reflect on these actions and bring our reflections to our next study in an ongoing loop of study/action/reflection.

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