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Kids Winter Outfit

Have kids or teens?

We invite those with children of any age to feel comfortable in worship Sunday services.  If your little ones make a little joyful noise, no worries if you feel anxious about that.  No need to feel like you have rush out of the room.

Our pastor loves it when we hear sweet voices even if he is preaching.  Even if it's a little loud :) 

If your children are teens, we invite their participation and voice in our church.  

Help Wanted! Families to help us create!

Look, to be transparent, our family and youth ministry needs help. If you're looking for a well established structured ministry with other parents and young children and teens, we don't have that right now.  But, we wonder if we could be a space for families out there looking for something they haven't been able to find yet.  A church where you don't have to compromise your call to justice and mercy as Christians.  A true place of inclusion (not that fake evangelical kind and mainline too).  

Are you a family that wants a community for your little ones to be loved and accepted as they are?

Are you a queer family that wants to belong to a community of Christ knowing the pastor will preach against and stand against homophobia and transphobia (FULL STOP)?  

Are you a family that wants to expose your kids to civil rights history? 

Are you a family that wants to make sure your kids know about the sins of systematic racism, American empire imperialism, the social dangers of unchecked capitalism, homophobia, transphobia, and all other social systems that benefits others and crushes most?  

Well!  Contact Rev. Steve Hong at or text 858-382-6258.  He'd love to meet you!

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