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Notebook and Pen

Weekly Pastor Update

March 19, 2023

So I am now in the last-words-before-I-go stage. All pastors have a few sermon-themes in them that hopefully they are able to keep interesting, dynamic and fresh (and rooted in the text) about 45 times a year. 


One of my themes is the Trinity. I think it is a deeply embedded Biblical theme as well. As you might know, I wrote a book called “Putting the Trinity Back in the Church” as part of my doctoral work. I have thought, read and written lots about the Trinity as a doctrine but what I like best is helping folks experience this reality of the Triune-God-among-us, working through us, as we participate in what God is up to in our world. I hope this joy comes through in how I lead in worship with you. Lots of energy emerges from participation in that holy dance of God working with and for and through us. 


This coming Sunday Myrna is going to guide us through a practice called “photo-language.” Photo-language is a way for folks to use pictures to express themselves. It’s fun and a way for communities to come closer together. I am so pleased that Myrna is able to help lead us on Sunday. 


On Sunday, April 16 we are going to worship in our “original” worship space that is now home to SuperKids. The collective team got to see the space a month ago and we were so impressed that we thought you all should see it. It will be a regular worship service with Nicole, founder and director of SuperKids, sharing the work of SuperKids in our community. 


Thanks for all the love and prayers during the last couple of weeks. Both of my skin cancer surgeries went very well. It is good to feel so “held” as you go into the unknown. 


Love and blessings, Karl

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