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Notebook and Pen

Weekly Pastor Update

November 26, 2023

Hello YVPCers and Friends:

Hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving Week :) 

Our first Advent Sunday of 2023 is just around the corner!  With Christmas Eve being on  the 24th, that Sunday is both the 4th Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve Sunday on the church calendar.

What is Advent?  

It's a season of waiting for Jesus who will bring justice on earth (peace).  It's a promise that God will be with us.  More than ever (humanity probably sound like a broken record) we need justice that leads to peace.  Right now, we need a ceasefire.  More than a ceasefire, we need an end to all oppression and violence.  We need Jesus to show us ways to turn our weapons and bombs into plowshares.  

We will talk about the king who is coming.  The King who will usher in justice.  

This Sunday, let's prepare our bodies for this waiting.   

- Rev. Steve Hong

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