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Notebook and Pen

Weekly Pastor Update

March 30 & 31, 2024

Hello YVPCers and Friends:

Our new worship time starts tomorrow at 9:30AM!!

This week we have our own Sylvia (CRE) preaching for us.  She will preach a sermon that will help us reflect on God's creation (the cosmos and everything in it) and help us see how important creation has been to followers of Yahweh/Jesus Christ since the beginning of time for our life and as well as revealing who our God is. What does a tree teach us about God?  What does that river teach us about God?  What do the stars teach us about God? What does gravity teach us about God?  How does the Gospel of Jesus Christ perfect the glimpses of wisdom from nature, God's created things? 

See you tomorrow...     
                                            Reverend Steve Hong


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